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As a well-travelled expat, living and working in different countries has given me a wide spectrum of material and perspective and has allowed me to write about rich and varied topics such as travel, culture, adventure, and new life experiences, capturing them in words and on camera. 


Canadian-born and part-British through osmosis, my heart remains in Paris, my last port of call before moving to the U.S.  With the American adventure now over, I am back where I started in the southwest of England, near the glorious city of Bath.


I have written for various anglophone publications in Paris such as an English newspaper (The Connexion), an entertainment & restaurant review website (Secrets of Paris), a regular profile column for a non-profit organization (Message), and was the Content Manager for a French fitness company where I also wrote a daily Health, Fitness, and Nutrition blog (Jiwok).  In the U.S., I continued freelancing with Cartoozo, specialising in SEO management and press releases. Now, I contribute regularly as an international correspondent for a fashion/design/art magazine in Canada (Phabrik Magazine).


I write feature articles (including my own photos), reviews, interviews, news stories, press releases, and have experience with blogging, PR, Content Management Systems, SEO management within content creation articles, and also dabble a little in French translation.


A Bachelor of Arts degree, a Journalism Diploma, and a TEFL Diploma exist somewhere in my history of education, but my life experiences and passion for the written word provide more education and motivation than any course I've ever taken.


Et voila.






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