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I am a freelance writer, travel journalist, and content creator with specialist marketing skills from working in various industries including travel, fitness, and education. Living and working in different countries has given me a wide spectrum of material, inspiring me to write about travel, culture, adventure, and new life experiences. With an open mind and heart I absorb every detail, encounter, and moment in my work and travels, capturing them both in words and on camera at every opportunity.

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My Story

Based in the UK, I grew up in Canada and spent time living in Paris and the US. This mosaic of international experiences has given me a unique perspective and insight into other countries and cultures which shines through in my work.


Journalisitically, I write feature articles (including photos) often focused on travel and mindful living, as well as reviews, interview pieces, news stories, press releases, content creation articles, and also dabble a little in French translation.

Creatively, I love to write about lifestyles in different countries and how to bloom wherever you're planted. I am a writer of transience and of new beginnings, a storyteller when it comes to matters of the heart and soul expressed in posts, photos, stories, and poems.

I am also of teacher of English as a Second Language, and have worked as a Personal Tutor mentoring Sixth Form and international students.

I have a passionate wanderlust to explore every corner of the world. Inspiration comes not only from these travels, but from real life stories of people and experiences I encounter on the way.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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