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Project Calm

The idea behind Project Calm was to provide a quality magazine that nurtures women with busy lives, helping them to pause and think positively, and show them how they can use their love of craft and creativity to be mindful. Most of my published features were based on travel and exploring, and include my own photography.



Combine daily walks with photo stories and let your feet and creativity roam free. ‘Photo walking’ is a visionary way to get you moving, clear your mind, and connect with your surroundings.


Books transport us to new destinations merely with their words. Take reading a step further - let literature guide your travels for a more immersive experience.

Yearn to return.jpeg


Give fresh eyes to the familiar and discover a whole new travel experience. Explore how return visits can deepen and enhance our love of a place.


Taking a city break needn't be all about underground travel or walking in the shadows of skyscrapers, there's now a trend for urban greenery transforming urban areas around the world.

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