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Could you be completely silent for a day? Or a whole week? Our busy world is full of thoughts, noises, and distractions, causing stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety as we try to cope with the chaos of daily life. Explore different silent retreats around the world.


Street art and large scale outdoor murals are making their mark in modern urban landscapes. See the city as a living open air gallery, waiting to be explored.

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Remember those days when buying fresh new stationery used to be a thrilling experience? The curve of letters connecting in a sublime stream felt like you were creating a work of art. A cathartic process, at once relaxing and meditative, letter writing by hand is making a comeback.


Moments of gratitude are the essence of happiness – when thankful realisations are recognised it can bring a profound sense of peace to our lives. Tracey Ellis explores gatherings around the globe to see how people give thanks and unite in marvellous mosaics of celebrations and appreciation.

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