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Tracey Lynn Ellis




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With my extensive writing experience in journalism, travel writing, and in various marketing roles globally, I am confident in my ability to create compelling and impactful content that will captivate different audiences, whether for magazine articles, public relations, or social media. 

I have had many feature articles published, and also dabble in creative writing in my spare time, including poetry, fiction, and essay/memoir writing.

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I have had almost 30 years of marketing experience, from basic 'behind the scenes' promotion to roles as a Marketing Leader in various sectors. My multi-skilled approach of merging quality writing with photography and a passion for genuine portrayals and authenticity within my work has resulted in successful and dynamic marketing campaigns across all platforms, whether editorial, PR, or digital.

Desk with Book


I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. Capturing beautiful moments in words and on camera comes so naturally, and many of my photos have been published alongside articles or sold online for commercial use.

My photography skills add a visual string to my creative bow, and I'm continually trying to improve with regular guided photography workshops and exploratory self-learning.

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Photography is both a passion and a hobby. To have impactful photos alongside my words creates a perfect package, but with some photos, no words are necessary. 

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